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kathy Sandlin

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    kathy Sandlin commented  · 

    Sonya A, when I lost mine I had to get a high gain antenna booster, it did not get all the channels back but I have learned to live with the 2 channels that I do receive. Only problem, they are not local but their radar map usually will show my area on the news casts. Michael Whay, the only way I can get up to date weather forecast or emergency info from my local radio station is to call them and ask, and that is only if my phone service is still working. Last storm power was out for 5 days radio station never said a word as to when we could expect it to be restored, phone was out also. cell phone kept dropping calls do to overload. My plow driver couldn't get here do to road closer, although I have a small generator I could not get out to get gas and most gas station were without power also as were stores to get some supplies. I'm alive! Not that anyone cared.

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