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    Melody commented  · has helped so many people over the years. If anyone has a serious issue, the entire community can pull together and provide the needed help. Political issues are debated, sometimes rather hotly, but in the end, we are there for each other.

    As one of the fastest growing counties in the US over the last several years, it has given those of us oldtimers a chance to welcome new friends and provide them information it might take them years to learn otherwise. Missing children have been located. Missing dogs and cats can be found. Lost items located. Looking for a particular product? Someone can tell you where to find it. Cleaning out your garage? You can get rid of that stuff in a flash! People have had immediate help with broken down cars, or even with long distance travel should a family emergency happen.

    We meet new people and a common question is "Are you on PCom?" If they are, they know what that means. lol! Then you want to know their PCom name. Deep, dark secret for some of us. Wide open knowledge for others. We have developed a new sense of family with the community spurred by PCom introductions. has good and bad sides, but the good often outweighs the bad. If a story happens to be missing any information, or incorrect in any way, you can count on the community to correct it immediately. No waiting for the news crews or newspaper reporters to decide to provide a retraction.

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