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    Rob Ram commented  · 

    I solely rely on over the air broadcast TV. I do not have cable; never had and never shall have cable. ATSC TV is fantastic. I get sharp HD video when available. I have invested in four HDTV sets starting back in 1999; paid over $5000 for the first HDTV and finally donated the set to a church. I love HDTV, but I do not care for a cell phone. I did at one time have a cell phone, but when AT&T screwed around with the change from TDMA to CDMA (or whatever), I vowed never to have a cell phone again. I have learned that the cell phone adds nothing to the quality of life. I do not want to screw around with “text messages”, pictures, internet or TV on the cell phone…etc. Enough is enough. I greatly appreciate simplicity over fool’s technology. Yet I have degrees in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and mathematics. I love engineering.
    Also remember that the spectrum belongs to the citizens. The spectrum does not belong to the FCC, Congress; the Telco’s or even the broadcasters. The citizens own the spectrum. The Telco’s bid the sky is the limit to win the auction. The costs of the auction are passed its customers. The customer is now forced into paying to access his/her own property. OUTRAGEOUS! There is NO government agency looking out for the interest of the citizens. It’s all about BIG corporate MONEY! The auction does not serve the citizens, OUT LAW the auction process.

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