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Phoebe H.

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    Phoebe H. commented  · 

    If an algorithm was available that allowed people to form their own choices of news for their personal websites, I think that would be nice to have just so we don't get fed all of this information that isn't full of diverse topics. Although, it could possibly be a bad thing too beause we may miss out on the other news since we don't want to hear about it. Although it may be sad and depressing to hear about murders and car chases, there are other pieces of news in that same category that we may need to know about.

    As far as finding a solution to the current media's assumptions of conflict, fear, and gossip, I agree that it's sometimes annoying to listen to "news" about whether a celebrity looks pregnant or not and who was just recently divorced. That doesn't benefit any of us. Some people do like to read about celebrities and that's fine, but when the celebrities become more important than what's going on in America, then we have a problem. I think a great solution would be to eliminate some of the reality television shows. People watch too much t.v. and epecially the reality stuff. If we focused more on educational television or even just shows that made you think, then we would probably be more informed on current issues.

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