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The current media is built around assumptions of conflict, fear, and gossip. I want to hear about about our problems, including suggested solutions and successful efforts to deal with the problems. This reinforces our sense of capability as a people. I want to know what is valid truth rather than presenting false talking points as if that balances the perspective. I want a place for news where courteous discourse is the norm.

The current websites use algorithms built on what is popular, which amps up adrenaline rush topics and the lowest common denominator. I want an option that we can trust to let us know the truth, and that reinforces our sense of progress and perspective.

I want an algorithim that let's me choose if I don't want to hear about murders and car chases today, but instead hear about the progress in reducing crime in urban areas that provides models of what can be done. What would you do with an algorithm that lets you form the news on your personal website?

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  • Diana Pineda commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with the algorithm idea. It would be nice to be able to choose what kind of news you want instead of the things you find unnecessary. I would like to know what is going on in my community and ways on fixing the problems instead of hearing about celebrities and their problems, which i could honestly care less about because that doesn't benefit or affect me one bit. Although, algorithm could be a bad idea because you will probably miss out of some really important news (if its not the kind of news you would choose to hear). Either way, I would like a change in our news. Less fear and gossip and more solutions.

  • Megan N. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with this idea and think this could well serve those who want to be informed. In my opinion, the problem with this is that a vast majority of people do not want to be informed. With stations running off of rating, they deliver what is interesting and eye catching. What someone did to help solve community crime sadly does not spark interest like the mysterious murder three blocks down the road or the nine photos of Tiger Wood’s mistresses. This does not mean this “junk” is information that we need rather it is what we are given to ensure good ratings. If the stations are continuing to feed us this grime, it is because they are getting good ratings from it. It will take power from their viewers to demand real news and truth. Until stations see a decrease in ratings they will continue what they are currently doing.
    This is similar to negative political advertisements. People say they hate them, but they are proven to work so candidates will continue to use them. Though it seems that many people want fair and safe news and advertisements, the facts show otherwise. This forces the people fighting for truth and real news to take a step up and voice their opinion stronger than the ratings.

  • Phoebe H. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If an algorithm was available that allowed people to form their own choices of news for their personal websites, I think that would be nice to have just so we don't get fed all of this information that isn't full of diverse topics. Although, it could possibly be a bad thing too beause we may miss out on the other news since we don't want to hear about it. Although it may be sad and depressing to hear about murders and car chases, there are other pieces of news in that same category that we may need to know about.

    As far as finding a solution to the current media's assumptions of conflict, fear, and gossip, I agree that it's sometimes annoying to listen to "news" about whether a celebrity looks pregnant or not and who was just recently divorced. That doesn't benefit any of us. Some people do like to read about celebrities and that's fine, but when the celebrities become more important than what's going on in America, then we have a problem. I think a great solution would be to eliminate some of the reality television shows. People watch too much t.v. and epecially the reality stuff. If we focused more on educational television or even just shows that made you think, then we would probably be more informed on current issues.

  • M.O.D commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with this because since news stations try to entertain people by hyping up the more violence and disturbing crimes for shock, and ratings. That makes me not want to watch to news because they mostly focus on the negative and make the positive story less important.

  • Beauregard Bahnam commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, it is counter productive to only hear about a robbery in this neighborhood or a house fire in this other neighborhood or a mugging downtown.

    News should encourage community participation, not cause so much unfounded fear that people avoid one another like the plague.

  • Christina commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree, I would like to hear about current problems that we, citizens, are facing, but I would also like to hear positive solutions. I could care less about hearing that a t.v. celebrity is going back to rehab for the third time, or that Nicollette Sheridan is suing creator Marc Cherry! How does this kind of news affect me or any other viewer?...It doesn't, it's just gossip. I want to hear unbiased, one sided reports. I would also like to hear more positive news coverage instead of always hearing just the negative issues at hand.

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