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Commercial media reap monetary benefits via public; They should subsidize public service news media.

Need for balance between commercial excess and public service in news services.

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  • Rob commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have invested in a community service to bring exposure to community happenings. As a past CBS affiliate GM, I thought after staffing cuts, local stations would welcome content at no cost to help fill their local content.
    Our product is high quality and loved by our 3,000 subscribers. It is hard to get small market stations to carry this content... I guess it is because we have a policy to cover good news ONLY!

  • joe commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    To find the most effective approach to delivering the news, media companies need to evaluate which approaches are best received. The most important thing to do is to find when which types of people often watch the company’s television channel. Then, they would need to find which way is best received by each target audience. As we move into newer generations, life is becoming more and more electronic. The internet is faster than ever before and is the simplest way to find out current news. People are impatient and do not want to have to wait for the news to tell them something, they want it the fastest way they can get it.

    Most companies have a web-site with up to date stories. But, as the world evolves sites such as facebook and twitter are becoming more and more popular. If a company were to have its own homepage on either or both of these sites, they may gain fans who can “like” a page. When this person’s friends see that they “like” a page, they may be inclined to visit the page, thus performing its own advertising.

    Besides attracting more viewers abroad, the companies should bring attention to local stories to intrigue more local viewers. One post by Rick Santana addressed the issue of renewing the focus of media companies on “…serving the community interest…” In his post he states that keeping the community interest first was the agreement that the broadcaster made with the FCC for the right to use the airwaves. This agreement has been broken since the 1980’s, and continues to be broken today. Now, there are national broadcasts, with local traffic and weather on the hour. If media companies showed more interest in the local stories, I feel that there would be more of a personal connection because the community would always turn to the same company for their current events. The company that decides to become more local first will be successful.

    Another point that I saw that I felt was very interesting was posted by Claire Paul. She states that there should be more in the news about people problems and suggestions on how to solve them. The news is mainly about conflict, fear, and

    gossip, if there could be a segment of “Everyday Truths” where ordinary people can relate to household problems I believe this would catch the attention of every possible viewer. This would also add to the idea of becoming more personal with the public. Instead of seeing news that is all about what is going wrong in the world, post more ideas on how an everyday person can help turn the wrong into right.

    There are many possible paths to be taken to taking a different approach to delivering the news. I think that the FCC is going in the right direction in asking people to post what they would like to be done and ranking the responses. This shows that the FCC really is concerned for the common people, and every person can be heard, not just the majority.

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