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We don't need News Media we need written in Stone Net Neutrality.

The media has become obsolete and it doesn’t need replacement.
We don’t need sponsorship- that is corruption.
We don’t need corporate propaganda.
We don’t need state propaganda.
We don’t need eye witness experts.
We don’t need media platforms or platform holders.
We don’t need news organizations especially not the for profit kind.
We don’t need more of the money for money’s sake nonsense.
We don’t need media filters.

What is needed is true net neutrality that will ensure that citizens of the world can consider ideas relative to the impact they will have on their own lives. We need a system where information and access are not constrained. These are needed to ensure basic power sharing for the stability of the world. Some measure of anonymity is needed, privacy is needed. Information propagates in a viral manner and it propagates quickly. The net enables people to experience and quickly evaluate things for themselves.

We may need an emergency broadcast system but that is the only form of broadcast that needs to be supported going forward. We don’t need a broadcast system that keeps people a constant state of fear so defense contractors can make profits- the liberal thesis was absolutely correct on these.

When considering net neutrality it is of absolutely no consequence that investors be able to recoup their investment in a timely manner, at least not relative to neutrality issues itself. The neutrality issue is what led to the revolution and it comes out of an intent for communication to survive the most adverse conditions.

Net neutrality is more important than the continued existence of the US state or any or all current nation states- it’s the defacto distillation of our survival and the core power sharing principle of the Constitution. If we have open communication we can survive and overcome.

Finally we need to start recognizing ads as a theft of attention so that stuff like ads on mobile and freeway bill boards go away. We never wasn’t a modal situation or cost plus ad situation. Ads always lead to corruption and suppression of speech, luckily cloud plus user generated search provide a way around this. Ad revenue is not needed for efficient search, despite what Google seems to spend its been correctly speculated that it could be done very well on a non profit model. End users could do access redundant total bundle subscription content exchanges that would protect privacy while providing total access and paying poster based on what users paid attention to sans ads.

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