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We need to know how our government is doing to protect the public interest instead of the big corporations interest. We need to see local policy debates, we need a clean election process. We don't have access to any of these information. But most of all we need to get rid of this new career named “lobbyist”. They are good only to damage the population interest. There are too many of them and the government needs to do something.

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  • JW, Chicago commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great idea.

    History proves that the true nature of unregulated capitalistic markets breads monopolies and oligopolies. Neither serves the public interest. We shouldn't be surprised that Time Warner is no longer willing to provide the services that they once agreed to provide. It's their nature. They simply can't help themselves. New models are required.

  • leticia kafuri commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Here, in Manhattan we have four local TV channels, but funding provided by cable companies are fading, specially the one coming from Time Warner City Cable. Right now we are in big trouble.
    Time Warner is responsible for this disaster. They refuse to sign our re-franchise agreement. So, very soon news about the community forget it....If it were not for the presence of public TV stations that carry low income people interest, we would get only fake news that says nothing to us or about us.
    Public access TV was created due to a technology change but didn't advanced much. TIME WARNER and they lobbyist keep on pushing and pushing us until there will be nothing left. But my wallet feels like it's been raped every month by TIME WARNER because they keep on charging fee for Public Access.
    They are using the government to build up communities that lack good information about civic life and public engagement. We need an investigative reporting at all levels of government especially local and state to find out why Manhattan neighborhood Network is dying. We need to know what Time Warner is doing behind the scene.
    Public Access TV needs a new model funded by the government itself.
    And when this thing happen we, the public need education designed to bring the law down to a level where people can understand the legal-ease about our rights.
    PBS network, is a public TV but we are not allowed to produce there. We need our community TV and also look into the possibility of using PBS new channels for access by community members.
    According to the Communication law 25% of all broadcast spectrum should be set aside for non-commercial use but today we only have 2%...maybe...Oh! Come on FCC, it's time to fix these numbers!!!

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