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North Bonneville, Washington


North Bonneville, Washington, is a small city of around 500 residents.

County: Skamania
Nearest city: Stevenson, WA
Nearest large near Cities: Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

Local newspaper is Skamania County Pioneer, no web presence, no state or national news unless told to print it by officials. A so-so newspaper. Likes to print gossip and often is inaccurate.

Local TV: KGW, NBC affil; KOIN - CBS affil; KATU - ABC affiliate; KPTV - Fox affiliate; KOPB - PBS - best news but not local. Even so, each station is biased toward the right. Perhaps KGW/NBC is the fairest but that can change with the wind.

Local Radio: NPR FM: has local weather, very partisan to right; KPOJ AM from Portland: progressive radio, limited reception. Small amount local information. Good programming.

Great Websites: Local to Washington state:
Other sites: DFA, FNCL, in essence, all Progressive; newspapers online: The Columbian, The Oregonian -is very partisan to the right.

No reliable sources of TV or newspaper for local to my town news. TV reports Skamania County only when hikers get lost on mountains or trails.

The human grapevine does not work very well, but is at least a source of subjects to look up online for accuracy.

What works well is the online news info sites I choose and the Radio stations on AM I choose that are progressive or at least educated. The TV/DISH stations MSNBC, LINK AND FREE SPEECH TV work really well for world news.

It is remarkable that in the 1980s the public high school here had a little radio station the students operated. Someone or many someones did not like this and got this radio station removed and all traces of it sold or trashed. It would be good to have this available again for students. With backup support so local opinionated groups cannot destroy it.

What works very badly is the local news and information sources. It is easy for bad politicians to get into office by lying and fooling people because we have no free or cheap access to honest information. If someone has a computer and the will and money to pay for broadband, they can get the info but many cannot do this. Because the only tele-communication company - Century Link - is a monopoly, there is no choice for folks who can't pay for service providers. This is bad.

We do not have emergency radio or community phone trees. The County has done nothing that I know of for emergency evacuation from flooding, volcano eruptions, earthquakes. These are all plausible emergencies in the Columbia River Gorge. As well as landslides, terrible ice storms, small tornadoes and 80+ mph winds. We have children in Skamania County who do not know the name of the river we live by called The Columbia River. No information or education for a world view.

The above has been the situation since I moved here in 1993. 17 years. I believe it is because the media is not available for people to form viable opinions. There are rich lumber lords here and many other reasons no-progress is fought for. It would be so good to make open government available to residents through knowledge through the media.

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