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Frederick County, MD - WFMD 930AM (Aloha Station Trust, LLC) Public News Radio

Something isn't right in Frederick County, Maryland. 930WMD and Aloha Stations Trust, LLC have gone too far with their political practices on Public Interest Radio. We need the FCC to look into it.

Frederick County, Maryland is a small but growing rural community situated 50 miles from our nation's capitol, Washington, DC. It is a community with a strong dedication to its people, farming and conservative values. By virtue of location Frederick County is also a growing community, welcoming cultural diversity, art, science and business both large and small. We have a local paper that folks have depended upon for decades, a more urban gazette representing our community and local magazines for special interests and welcoming newcomers to the area. We have TV news from Washington, Baltimore and Hagerstown. We have regional radio stations operating out of both major cities and 3 small local airwaves, 99.9WFRE, 930 WFMD (owned by Aloha Station Trust) and Key 103 in Frederick City.

It is our news station, WFMD 930 AM Public Talk Radio which most of us tune to for the latest in local information, politics and events. This once reliable little station has changed ownership several times in recent years, from Capstar TX, a division of Clear Channel Communications, Inc., to Aloha Station Trust, LLC (Jeanette Tully, Sole Owner). People don't seem to mind too much who owns it but sadly, what this new owner is allowing to emanate to the public is becoming a critical concern for the common good of our community.

Since 2008, Radio Host Blaine Young has focused primarily upon escalating 'tea party' rhetoric, first on Frederick's Forum and followed by the creation of a permanent 3 hour daily M-F, Blaine Young Show. His efforts have manifested into community rallies staged by Mr. Young and his fellow WFMD Radio Hosts. Mr. Young recently stated, (WFMD AudioFiles) “that it was his listeners who urged him to campaign and subsequently elected him Frederick County Commissioner” (voted Board President by his fellow commissioners). Having decided not to leave The Blaine Young Show while holding this important Public Office, Mr. Young now spends 15 hours of paid broadcasting per week, interjecting his views while sharing very specific Frederick County Government business and pending decisions both he and the Board of County Commissioners are making on behalf of our citizens.

Additionally, this elected official and daily 3 hour The Blaine Young Show Talk Host WFMD host has become the honorary chairman of an incorporated non-profit lobbying activity, 'We, the People, MD', sending out letters requesting membership funds "From the desk of Blaine R. Young, Host of The Blaine Young Show, 930WFMD" and playing like-named music while on the air.

Yet another politician, Senator Alex Mooney also has a regular show on 930WFMD. When visiting the 930WFMD, if one clicks the ‘The Alex Mooney Show’ on the program schedule or at the bottom of the WFMD page, this link to Senator Mooney’s Campaign Donation page will open:

Mr. Young and Senator Mooney are entitled to free speech under their First Amendment Rights. No one questions this. But our questions to the FCC are these: May these two public officials solicit for campaign funds or lobby for funds they honorary chair of while on paid duty as radio hosts? Is the radio station acting in the Public’s best interest by facilitating this? Did Mr. Young and WFMD-Aloha Station Trust, LLC draw the line between campaigning and paid radio show activity correctly? Can or should our Elected Representative be entitled to work 3 hours per day as a paid Radio Show Host discussing the detailed business of Frederick County Government while he is also employed and paid by taxpayers? Can this station do this? This elected official is holding one-sided daily public hearings on the radio while opposing views must wait for fair and properly scheduled public hearings in an unbiased setting.

The whole of our community is suffering from the actions of a few.

Public Radio WFMD, Aloha Stations Trust, LLC, Jeanette Tully and the FCC, please help.

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    hippy. you have a knob or some sort of device that allows you to change the station. who cares if some right wing nut goes on a brain washing rant every day. dont listen. stop complaining to the government and do something yourself.

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